Vegan skin and hair care products are becoming more popular these days and its no mystery why. Let us fill you in. 

More and more people are turning to vegan products because of their hands down amazing benefits. Vegan products are more gentle, offers cleaner nutrition for healthier looking skin and hair and are totally animal friendly.


Vegan products are mostly water and vitamin based which is exactly what the skin and hair needs; moisture and vitamins. That’s right, vegan products contain natural ingredients that are high in vitamins that do a ton of good for your hair and skin. No fancy chemicals or animal ingredients needed.

Not to mention, plant based products sits better on the skin and also absorbs better, while animal based products tend to clog the pores, causing acne and also less flattering, weighed down hair.

 ….. And guess what? Switching to vegan products helps to save our planet and the lives of animals.

So there you have it. Which type of product will you choose to use?