Keeping your hair well nourished is crucial when trying to achieve gorgeous, healthy hair.

Long, short, straight, curly, thin, thick; all hair types need proper care. Applying the right oils to your hair and scalp helps to set the tone and will have you well on your way to hair that looks and feels beautiful. We can say its as easy as 1-2-3, but its much easier than that. 

What you do to your hair before you shampoo could change the condition of your hair and what it looks like after you shampoo. Pre-pooing is the secret to having shiny, vibrant, well nourished hair. 

So, what is pre-poo? Pre-poo is a ‘before you shampoo’ treatment. This treatment, when applied allows the natural heat from your scalp to activate the naturals benefits and nutrients in the product to deeply nourish your hair. The fun part; this method can be used on all hair types!

Now, let’s get down to business. Here’s how to pre-poo: 

Apply our Fresh Mint Mask Oil to your hair one or two hours before you shampoo. Take a minute or two to make sure you’ve applied it to your hair from root to tip. Cover with a shower cap and let the product work its magic. Fun fact is that you can also apply it just before bedtime and cover hair with shower cap and then shampoo hair the following morning. We told you it was easy.

Now let’s get to the benefits.

Our Fresh Mint Moisturizing and Nourishing Mask is a blend of natural oils that have vitamins and micro-nutrients that will help encourage healthy hair, help fight hair fall, promote shine and control frizz.